Serêkaniye fighters: This war is about 'Kurdish existence'

The fighters resisting in the city of Serêkaniye against the invasion attacks of the Turkish state, said that this war is about 'existing' and called on all Kurdish people to join the resistance.

ANF correspondent Ersin Çaksu denied the propaganda spread by the Turkish state and claiming that Serêkaniyê city center is under control of the occupying Turkish state.

Çaksu spoke to the commanders in the resistance. YPJ fighter Nudem on the Til Xelef front said: "We have been here for five days. They attack, but they did not get through. Because above all we have a strong will.

Serêkaniyê is in our hands, the resistance of our friends continues. Nothing will spoil our morale. We strengthen ourselves with the ideas and philosophy of the Leadership.

We have a strong will, their machinaries won't affect us. Our spirit is high."

Our spirit is high

Commander Sîdar Qamişlo said: "Yesterday there was a very violent attack against us. It started at 10 in the morning and we were surrounded.

Warplanes also bombed us. 7 to 8 of our friends were injured. Only four of us were unharmed. We remained surrounded until 2 am the next day. We got through the siege and rescued our wounded friends. We ensured their safety. Then we started the operation again and took control of the occupied points."

Commander Qamishlo added: "We are firmly in command in Serêkaniyê. Victory is ours. We are heading towards success, we do not accept defeat. Our SDF fighters are joining our operation in Serêkaniyê with strong enthusiasm."

Call to the people of Kurdistan

Sîdar Qamishlo issued a call to the people of Kurdistan: "All Kurdish people should stand up and stand against the attacks carried out by the Turkish fascist state and the attacks launched by Erdoğan. Every person who calls himself Kurdish, should rise. This war is about "Kurdish existence".