Sweden must apologize to Kurds over killing of Olof Palme

Halis Ikincisoy, one of the Kurds who were detained in the process of blaming the PKK and Kurds for the murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, said that they expect Sweden to apologize to the Kurds.

Halis Ikincisoy is from Kurdistan. He has been living in Sweden since 1980. He said that gladio-type structures in Sweden have done everything they could to kill Olof Palme, a friend of the Kurdish people, and blame the Kurds for the Kurds. Ikincisoy reminded that Olof Palme had been supporting the oppressed peoples in Vietnam, Palestine, Angola, South Africa and other countries and therefore was disturbing reactionary and imperialists. That’s why he was killed by the country leading the Third World War. Sweden was eventually forced to declare the PKK a 'terrorist' organisation in 1984 by the NATO conspiracy. Sweden then made everything to cover up the real killers and blamed the PKK.

Assessing the international conspiracy against Kurds and the PKK launched in 1984, Ikincisoy said: "The attitude of the Swedish media after Palme's murder was not different from Erdogan's media. They all accused the PKK and the Kurds."

Recalling that they had to go and report to the police 3 days a week, Ikincisoy said: "The Swedish Security Police (Säpo) put microphones they brought with special diplomats from Paris in our houses, in agreement with CIA agents. Back then there was no such listening technique in Sweden. They had to admit all this after the reality of things was exposed."

Reminding that they had listened and spied on 9 Kurds for 9 years since 1984, Ikincisoy added: "It was a complete scandal for the Social Democratic Workers' Party to unfold. All of us had our residence permits and passports canceled. A full year later, Palme had been killed and the Kurds blamed for the murder."

Pointing out that Olof Palme's help and support for the Kurds was ignored by the Swedish media, Ikincisoy summed up the conspiracy held against the Kurds with these words: "The conspiracy against the Kurds was very clear. At that time, former PKK members also gave Säpo statements against the PKK.

Targeting the PKK was a state policy. Anita Gradin, then the Minister of Immigration, claimed in an interview that they were checking on and eventually suppressing radical movements from Latin America and Middle East, and they would do the same to the PKK in a few years. In my view, NATO had given them the task of suppressing the PKK."

Saying that the Swedish Security Police wanted to turn him and the other Kurds taken into custody into agents, Ikincisoy said: "They said that we would have been just against the PKK, not the Kurds. Our passport and residence permit were withdrawn.”

Reminding that they had to report to the police three days a week for 9 years and were not allowed to go outside the borders of the municipality, Ikincisoy continued: "When we went outside the borders of the municipality, they arrested us and the trial normally lasted several months. They practiced the methods of psychological warfare against us. But they failed. What they did was scandalous for Sweden. Swedish institutions and officials violated their country's laws.”

Ikincisoy said that after all these pressures, some of his friends started to experience psychological problems. Adding that the Kurds in Sweden have experienced great problems after the murder of Olof Palme, Ikincisoy said: "I have not seen my family in my country for 40 years, would there be a bigger tragedy than that? I was not guilty. The reason for this repression was the Swedish social democrats and they are still in power today.”

Reminding that not only them but thousands of Kurds suffered trauma and repression, Ikincisoy added that the Kurdish Freedom Movement suffered greatly for being labelled ‘terrorist’ by the Swedish state.

Ikincisoy listed his demands as follows: “The situation in the world would have been much different today if Sweden had not declared the PKK a terrorist organisation and had not tried to destroy Kurds. I lived with the pain caused by Palme murder for 34 years. Until 3 or 4 years ago, Säpo continued to come and repress me to my home and workplace. I do not personally want anything from the Swedish state. Sweden's apology to the Kurds is to remove the PKK from the list of terrorist organizations and correct its mistake."