Swiss terrorist in SDF custody: I want to be tried in Turkey

ISIS jihadist Daniel Demage from Switzerland is in SDF custody. The Swiss terrorist, listed as one of the most dangerous ISIS members, gave an interview to the ANHA news agency.

In June, Swiss ISIS jihadist Daniel Demage was arrested in East Syria by anti-terrorist units of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) while he tried to escape with his French wife. The Islamist sought by the Interpol is known in Switzerland as "the most dangerous terrorist".

The traces of Demage were lost after he left Switzerland in 2015. ANHA news agency had the opportunity to interview the imprisoned Swiss terrorist.

Demage is one of six European citizens listed on the Interpol list of the 173 most dangerous ISIS jihadists.

Investigations by the Swiss judiciary and reports by the international media have shown that Demage joined ISIS in Syria together with a group of jihadists. There, in an official institution they seized, he issued false passports for jihadists to enable them to leave Europe for Syria via Turkey.

73 Swiss nationals in ISIS ranks

According to the Swiss press citing the Federal Intelligence Service (NDB) 78 Swiss citizens have joined the ISIS so far. 23 of them were killed in combat and 16 returned to their countries. The aftermath of the other 34 is unknown.

Special training for Demage

According to US Federal Court of Justice documents, Demage received a six-month military training as a specialist in vehicle bomb attacks at the ISIS. His whereabouts were unknown for a long time. When it became known in 2018 that he was still alive, it was warned that he could return to Switzerland and carry out attacks there.

"Two weeks in Istanbul”

About his participation in the ISIS, Demage says that he met the jihadist group in 2015 through a Swiss friend and joined the organization on May 5, 2015. Demage reports that he converted to Islam when ISIS occupied Mosul and he heard the explanations of the self-proclaimed Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

On April 21, 2015, he set off to travel to the jihadist-occupied area. "Like all members who wanted to travel to Syria, I first traveled to Istanbul by plane. Without any difficulties, I stayed there for two weeks. Then I took the bus to Urfa," tells Demage.

He fought in the ranks of the ISIS

After his arrival in Urfa, Daniel Demage crossed the Turkey-Syrian border and joined the ISIS to fight against the Syrian regime.

He said he had been injured on foot in the vicinity of Aleppo. "I was taken to Mosul and treated there. Then I returned to Syria and stayed in al-Bab."

After his stay in al-Bab, he was trained as a sniper in Hama, tells Demage and continues: "After a while I went to al-Mayadin region of Deir ez-Zor. There I married a woman from ISIS, she was a French citizen with Algerian roots.”

"The Turkish state released ISIS members"

Demage fled to al-Bagouz during the SDF's offensive on Raqqa. About his other activities, he tells that: "After staying there for a while, I traveled to various other areas. After I went to the Azaz city occupied by the Turkish state and affiliated mercenary groups, I was captured by the Sultan Murad Brigade. But I was released in return for a payment of $ 5,000.”

"I want to be tried in Turkey"

When asked if he would like to be extradited to his home country, Demage replies that he would rather be extradited to Turkey and put on trial there.