Syria’s peoples suffer extreme hardship

The US, Russia, the Damascus administration and Turkey make no attempts to promote democracy and freedom. The Syrian people have been suffering extreme hardship and poverty.

Many states are involved in Syria. Russia is trying to keep the Damascus administration in power. Turkey is striving for the dominance of organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Nusra in the areas it has occupied, including Idlib. Until now, Turkey has sought to eliminate the Damascus administration and bring these forces to power. Through these organizations, it would bring Syria under its control.

Iran maps out a slightly different route than Russia. Its main goal is to keep the Damascus administration in power and to remove the Muslim Brotherhood and others. Moreover, Turkey has attempted to become a leader of the Sunni front in the Middle East. In this respect, Iran is against Turkey becoming too powerful and establishing influence over Syria. However, Iran has no concerns about democratizing Syria and making reforms. It promotes religious organization among the people.

The US and European countries say that they are restricting their presence to the fight against ISIS. They state that their partnership with the SDF is tactical, military and temporary. Turkey especially accuses the US of supporting the YPG and the PKK. Because of this, the US stays away from supporting the Autonomous Administration. They continue to cooperate with Turkey even though it is known that the Kurds are under threat of blockade and genocide. They do not care about the Kurds promoting a democratic line. The Trump administration was complicit in the Turkish invasion of certain regions.

Syria is currently divided into three regions. A part of it is under the rule of the Damascus administration. A second part is the region cleared of ISIS and controlled by the Autonomous Administration, and the last one is under the occupation of the Turkish army, including Idlib, which remains under protection by Turkey. The only region that is democratic and where the people govern themselves is North and East Syria. In these regions, all ethnic, religious and cultural identities live in peace, equally and freely. In particular, the leading role of women in public life is the biggest and most fundamental change in the history of the Middle East.

We have briefly summarized the existing forces and their positioning. It should also be emphasized that the US, Russia, the Damascus administration and Turkey have nothing to do with the development of democracy and freedom. The Syrian people have been suffering extreme hardship and poverty. Existing states are in constant negotiations, bargains and conflicts among them. Not one of them cares about the situation of the Syrian people. Statements made to the press are just propaganda to save the day. The SDF and the autonomous regions in Syria are the biggest contributors to the world's security. They still keep tens of thousands of ISIS detainees.

Russia persistently prevents the opening of the Tıl Koçer border gate. Humanitarian aid from foreign countries can only be supplied through the border gate over Turkey. For this reason, the autonomous regions are deprived of humanitarian aid. Russia is especially attempting to weaken the autonomous regions and make them surrender to the regime. In the political field, the Autonomous Administration has been excluded from all international negotiations and solution attempts. Russia is acting in line with the fascist Turkish administration. The same applies to the US. Representatives of the Autonomous Administration were not included in the constitutional commission in Geneva. Even mercenary groups sponsored by the Turkish state were invited to the negotiations as representatives of the opposition, but the Kurds and representatives of millions of people living in North and East Syria have been excluded.

In the areas controlled by the Damascus administration, the people are in a terrible situation. There is a major economic crisis. The Syrian currency is constantly losing value against the US dollar. People are getting poorer. Wages are decreasing. Prices are skyrocketing, people have no purchasing power. Politically, there are no reform attempts that will give hope to the people. Nobody can criticize the current administration. Nobody can make their demands heard. People are stuck.

The situation is even worse in the areas occupied by Turkey. Mercenary groups have turned into criminal organizations involved in plundering, extortion, rape and torture. The Turkish state carries out an ethnic cleansing against the Kurds in the region and encourages mercenary groups to attack the people. In Idlib, forces like Al Nusra have established an administration that is not different from the one of terror ISIS attempted to impose. People are frustrated. The law of tyranny and violence rules these areas.

There is great poverty in these regions as well. The Turkish state is busy with taking economic advantage of those regions. The most thriving regions in terms of economy, politics and public life are the autonomous regions established in North and East Syria. They are trying to destroy these regions instead of supporting and developing them as a model for Syria. In this respect, the peoples of Syria should be in control of their own destiny. The existing states cannot resolve the problems. The world's democratic forces should also support the self-government and the achievements in Syria and shape an international network for solidarity.

Source: Ronahi Newspaper