‘The AKP-MHP regime was militarily defeated in Zap and will be politically defeated in Ankara’

YJA Star Headquarters Command Member Zozan Çewlîg said that the AKP-MHP fascist regime was militarily defeated in the Zap region and would be politically defeated in Ankara, too, with the elections on 14 May.

The Free Women’s Troops (YJA Star) Headquarters Command Member Zozan Çewlîg was interviewed by journalist Tekoşîn Axîn of Sterk TV concerning the 14 May elections and the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla's decision of inaction since the North Kurdistan-centred earthquakes in February.

The YJA Star Command Council held a meeting a short time ago. Important decisions were taken at this meeting. What roles do the guerrillas and YJA Star commanders have to play in line with the decisions taken, specifically with regard to the physical freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan?

May is an important month for our movement. We lost many of our precious martyrs this month, and I respectfully commemorate them.

As for your question, we evaluated the situation of Öcalan in the last three years and reached important decisions at our meeting. Öcalan has been resisting splendidly under the most severe conditions for 25 years. The Imrali system introduced against Öcalan is actually targeting the whole society. Our main agenda is the situation of Öcalan. In recent years, he has been subjected to the most severe and aggravated form of isolation. We have comprehensively debated over why he has been subjected to intensified isolation. As a second point, we focused on to what extent the defence forces, especially YJA Star, have fulfilled their duties and responsibilities towards Öcalan. The most important decision was this: we must understand the genocidal policy against Öcalan and destroy it.

Öcalan is crucial to us and the practices against him are directed at us, the Kurdish people and all humanity. This should be understood, and the highest level of struggle should be waged based on the principles of the Women's Liberation Ideology, freedom, and ‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadi (Woman, Life, Freedom).

Öcalan symbolizes a free life for us. We are following his situation closely. As his disciples, we reiterate once again that the situation of Öcalan is a casus belli for us.

On February 6, a major earthquake occurred in North Kurdistan and in Turkey. The KCK declared inaction to help heal the wounds of the people. Despite the decision, the invading Turkish state has continued its invasion attacks on the Medya Defence Zones and North Kurdistan, which are the resistance areas. How do you evaluate these attacks? What is the guerrilla's position in the face of attacks?

The decision by the KCK was important and our forces complied with it with great care. Our people agreed with it, and everyone saw that we are a movement in favour of humanity. The devastating earthquake and the suffering of our people caused us to make such a decision. It was a moral decision. However, the invading state did not respect the decision and saw it as an opportunity to attack. It expanded its operations in resistance areas, especially in the Medya Defence Zones, and resumed its military operations in North Kurdistan. This issue should be a priority for the guerrillas, and Turkey’s occupation operations should not be allowed. Our people should be cautious and give the necessary answer to the fascist invader in the elections.

The guerrillas have put up great resistance against the invasion attacks for the last 8 years. The YJA Star in particular has played a major role. YJA Star’s fighters and commanders have left their mark on the 8-year war. One of these commanders was Gulçiya Gabar. Hejar Zozan also played a major role in this resistance. How do you evaluate the struggle of these two commanders?

We mark the anniversary of comrade Gulçiya's martyrdom. Comrade Pelşîn was also martyred along with her. Hejar Zozan, a commander of the Serhed Province, joined the caravan of the immortal. I commemorate these companions with respect, and I offer my condolences to all patriotic families. A great experience of freedom has been revealed in the person of the fighting Kurdish women. This great experience is expressed by the landmark slogan "Jin, Jiyan, Azadi", which has become a rallying cry throughout the world.

Commander Gulçiya left a great legacy in female commandership. She commanded in the most critical days from Behdînan to Amed, from Erzurum to Kobanê. She was from the Mardin region. Her personality was shaped by deep patriotic feelings. Remaining resilient in the face of difficulties, she set an example in the building of the women’s army.

Hejar Zozan was a commander of the Serhed province. She was martyred together with comrade Bager. Comrade Hejar was from Ardahan. She witnessed the persecution of the Kurdish people during her university years and got to know the reality of Öcalan. In pursuit of her quest for freedom, she took to the mountains. As a member of the Special Forces, she waged a great struggle on the line of the leader and the martyrs. Hejar was actively involved in the struggle and took part in the Şehîd Delal activities. She played a major role in developing technical infrastructure within the Special Forces. Moreover, she was on the front lines during the invasion operations of the enemy against Heftanîn and waged a great war along with Esmer, Zelal and Bager.

Elections will be held in Turkey on May 14. How do you approach it?

Erdogan's fascism has inflicted great sufferings on the Kurdish people for 20 years. From the very beginning, their policy has been based on annihilation and genocide against the Kurdish people. They are a force that relies its existence on the destruction of the Kurdish people. They are pursuing such a policy during the election period as well. Erdogan is a mentality, a regime. He is a great danger, especially to pro-freedom forces, women and youth. Women and youth should realize this truth and stand against it in these elections. This is a very important election. Turkey will decide whether to live with fascism or in a democratic country. Everyone should keep this in mind and go to the polls. These elections will shape the future of women, youth and our society. We believe that these elections will bring victory to the Green Left Party with women, youth, Alevis, workers and pro-democracy forces. Fearing this, the government has detained press workers and politicians and put them in prison. There is also a possibility that these political operations may be turned into provocative conspiracy operations. Our people should be prudent about this issue as well.

They were militarily defeated in the Zap region, and they will be politically defeated in Ankara, thanks to our people. This will pave the way for Turkey's democratization and bring about the end of the bloody dictatorship. We believe this will happen.