Three mercenaries Erdoğan sent from Syria to Libya killed

At least three of the hundreds of mercenaries sent from Syria to Libya have been killed.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan sent hundreds of militiamen from the so-called “National Army”, which he had created from remnants of ISIS and al-Nusra last year, to Tripoli to fight forces of Khalifa Haftar who has east of Libya under his control.

According to information obtained by ANF, three of these mercenaries have been killed during Monday’s clashes in Libya.

The killed mercenaries are reported to be named Mahmud El Beşir El Mahmud Elcarallah (code name Ebu Adil), İsam El Carallah and Abdulrezaq El Mahmud.

The three militiamen, all from Tadmur, are notorious for theft and abduction of civilians for ransom when the Syrian civil war first erupted.

The mercenaries were first part of the Faruq al-Islami group, then of ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham founded by al-Nusra before they finally joined Fırqat al-Hamza in 2018. Known for their barbaric acts against civilians in the Turkish occupied areas of Syria, they took part in the 1st Corps, 113rd Brigade and 1st Division under the so-called “National Army” established by the Turkish state in 2019.

The mercenaries were recently sent to Libya by the Turkish state, in return for 2,000 dollars for each. A photo shows the three men on plane while on their way to Libya.