Turkey has formed an armed group in Kirkuk

Şiwan Dawidî, a member of the Iraqi Parliament for PUK, stated that Turkey has formed and is training an armed force of 500 men in Kirkuk.

As conflicts and attacks by gang groups in Kirkuk and other controversial regions remain on the agenda, more information is coming out every day regarding the interventions of foreign forces in the region. The increasing attacks of gang groups, especially in the villages of Tuz Khurmatu and Kirkuk, raises the question “who carries out and who supports these attacks?”.

While various information on the matter spreads, attention grabbing claims regarding Turkey have emerged.

“Directly affiliated with Turkey”

According to Şiwan Dawidî, a member of the Iraqi Parliament for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) who spoke to Roj News Agency, Turkmen Front has formed an armed group in Kirkuk but the group is trained by the Turkish state. Dawidî said all the financial needs of the armed group, which has been formed over the past 1,5 years, are met by the Turkish state.

“Iraqi Government claims to be uninformed”

Şiwan Dawidî told that they have informed relevant parties about the armed group in question. He said; “After the information by our side, the Iraqi Government Spokesperson stated yesterday that they are not informed of such a force.”

Dawidî stressed that Iraqi Interior and Defense Ministries should investigate the group and obviate the formation of such a force.

“There is a danger”

The PUK MP stressed that this force, which has not been formed in accordance with the laws of Iraq, constitutes a danger for Kirkuk. According to Dawidî, some circles intend to make this armed group a force of Hashd al-Shaabi.

Gang member with Turkish flag

Following the occupation of Kirkuk on 16 October 2017, more gang groups emerged in the region and most of these were asserted to be affiliated with Turkey. A Turkish flag was discovered on the uniform of a gang member who was killed in Kirkuk.