Turkey’s elections and new invasion plans

There is a lot that Kurds can do against this plan of invasion and demobilization. First, they must hold their congress and achieve national unity.

In Turkey, elections with predetermined results were held with the Manbij deal done after RTE’s (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan) visit to the UK and AKP officials’ meetings with the US. And RTE stayed in power. What one wonders now is the answer to the vital questions of what topics did the parties agree on in these meetings, what did RTE promise, and what was asked of him.


RTE visited the UK before the elections. Everybody knows that since the 19th century, the policies to be implemented in the region and against Kurds are centered in the UK. With this visit to the UK, RTE acquired permission for the policies to be implemented in the region. In return for the policies foreseen by the UK to be implemented in the region, RTE surrendered to international capital, and agreed to all their demands without compensation. Several agreements were signed to this end. After the visit, the UK made a long list of their demands from RTE and what they want to implement public through the media, with several points held confidential. RTE’s visit to the UK and the agreements signed during the visit is similar to the agreements made during the financial that started in 1929, which was one of the reasons for World War II. As a way out of the financial, social and political crisis crisis throughout the world, in 1929, Hitler was created by international capital. The reason Hitler was created was to redesign the world and the region over Hitler’s fascism. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the UK has given RTE the role of a second Hitler for now. The world is going through financial, political and social crises. As a way out of these crises, RTE is being pushed forth as a renewed Hitler.


After the UK, the US also reached an agreement about Manbij, which is a part of the plan to deepen the invasion and colonize Northern Syrian lands as per RTE’s and AKP’s agenda. RTE and the AKP has reached an agreement with the US Secretary of State about Manbij. This agreement was the new mission the UK gave RTE and the US wanted to complete their own side. Turkish invasion forces haven’t entered Manbij yet. The separate and independent patrols unit has been instated. With this deal, Turkey has officially settled in their own army forces to replace the gang groups they previously settled in Jarablus. With that, Turkey’s presence in Jarablus has been officialized. Turkey’s presence in Jarablus has been accepted via an agreement. Because before, Turkey was not official in Jarablus. There was a high probability that they would be considered invaders by international powers. But with this deal, the invading character has been removed. Turkey has patrols all along the shores of the Sajur River on the Jarablus side. The US forces patrol the shores of the Sajur River within the borders of Manbij. This is the part of the agreement that has already been implemented. But there are plans to put the persons from Manbij or Syria who were trained in Turkey by the MİT to the Manbij side with time, to give them authority in the administration and with that, including Manbij in the invasion through persons trained by Turkey.


After receiving permission from the UK, RTE made the Manbij deal with the US and became the president through fraud in the elections with the approval of these two forces. Everybody is already talking about how the elections were not legitimate in the least. There are even serious discussions about RTE threatening CHP candidate Muharrem Ince and IYI Party Leader Meral Akşener to not object to the election results. This just goes to show how dubious the elections were and that the US and the UK have tasked RTE with the presidency through fraud.

The US and the UK giving such an approval for RTE of course has important reasons. First of them is to use Turkey in a possible intervention against Iran, to make the counry fight and join in the embargo. As part of this, RTE and the AKP are tasked with invading Bradost and Qandil. That is why the invasion of Bradost and Qandil is part of the possible intervention the US and the UK are planning against Iran. The agreement between the US and RTE about Manbij is also part of this plan. Bradost and Qandil will be invaded and Iran will thus be surrendered. This way, a possible intervention against Iran can be implemented earlier on. The KDP and the Bashure (Southern) Kurdistan government’s silence in the face of the invasion of Bradost and Qandil and them coming up with excuses for this invasion shows that they are part of this plan against Iran. There are even reports that Rojhilati (Eastern Kurdistan) Kurdish parties under KDP control met with the US in recent days. That shows the plan includes the KDP and the Rojhilati parties it controls. How would that affect the relationship between Iran and the KDP is unknown. But after Iraq intervened in Kirkuk and the disputed territories, the relationship between Iran and the KDP had improved significantly. There was a two-day conference on joint economy and investments. After the conference, Iran had announced that they would build medical centers in Hewler and throughout Bashur. KDP taking part in this invasion of Iran would negatively affect their relationship, and it could even cause serious chaos centered around Hewler (Erbil).

Another reason why the UK and the US gave RTE this permission is to have the AKP return to the political Islam line back in the days they ushered its founding. RTE and the AKP making such a return would mean a return from the taqfirist identity they have since exposed. That would mean going against the gangs like ISIS and Nusra they protected. It’s not clear whether the AKP or RTE himself would do such a thing. Because the AKP and RTE want to establish themselves with the jihadist identity. But it is very difficult for international powers, starting with the US, the UK and France, who happen to be forces that have been hit by jihadist forces, to accept RTE with that identity. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that RTE is stuck between a rock and a hard place. But he knows very well that there is no other option to remain in power, so he accepted the task given to him. That is why, for the first time, RTE was elected but is not happy about it. The first speech he gave didn’t have the former fervor, roar or threats all around. Instead of him, now Suleyman Soylu has donned the sword and is threatening everybody left and right. But that seems to be coming to an end too.


This task has been given by England and the US to RTE in return for the elimination of the Kurds. For this reason, RTE has made the Kurdish gains in Rojava and North East Syria a primary target. He wants to continue the invasion of Afrin with Manbij, and then along the Cizire region. RTE targets the gains in Rojava and North East Syria, creating a perception that this actually targets the Kurdish Freedom Movement. Of course, the developments there are taking place under the lead of the Kurdish Freedom Movement and the gains there were achieved thanks to the Kurdish Freedom Movement. However, these gains are not the gains of a single movement alone. These are the gains of the Kurds and the peoples living together with them. Targeting that region is actually targeting the gains achieved in the name of the Kurds and other peoples.

RTE voices the same thing for Bradost and Qandil in Southern Kurdistan (Bashur). The target there is manifested as the Kurdish Freedom Movement. Still, it is known to everyone that the target is the Kurds. All the parties in Southern Kurdistan, excluding the KDP, are aware of the goal of RTE and the invading Turkish state. For this very reason, all the parties other than KDP have become a front against invasion. The people and political parties in Southern Kurdistan are aware of the fact that these attempts by the Turkish state seek to target and destroy Bashur, the gains in Bashur and the region itself.


There are many things Kurds can do against this occupation and elimination plan. First of all, they need to realize the National Unity Congress and achieve their national unity. In such a case, RTE’s plan, which is dangerous for both the region and the Kurds, will be largely averted. Should this happen, the RTE nightmare for the region and the Kurds will come to an end.