Turkey's Kurdish policy and the future of the KDP

KDP officials who make statements with cheap political calculations by saying that the PKK is the cause of the Turkish state's attacks on Southern Kurdistan should once again think about what their own fate will be in the future.


The PKK's freedom struggle against the Turkish state did not end with the captivity of Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan), but its intensity was reduced militarily. It has been 25 years since Leader Apo's captivity. The International Conspiracy led to developments in many areas. While the paradigmatic change brought about a reorganization due to the need for a change-transformation in the organization, on the other hand, the so-called 'solution process' came up. As a result of the ceasefires and aborted processes that were intended to contribute to the process and a democratic solution to the problem, the organization was forced to fight the most relentless war in its 50-year history of the struggle.

Leader Apo's captivity also paved the way for the collaborator leadership in Bashûr (Southern Kurdistan). The KDP is not an organization that came to power by its own means.  Regarding the formation of the federal region in Bashûr, Erdoğan has repeatedly stated that it is a "faulty formation".

The Kurdish policy of the fascist AKP-MHP government in Turkey has been entirely oriented towards the extermination of the Kurds and the elimination of their gains. The problem has long gone beyond the liquidation of the PKK. The fascist-occupying Turkish Republic is intensifying its invasion attacks against the Autonomous dministration of North and East Syria, citing the PKK issue as an excuse. It carries out assassinations with UCAVs. It creates civil unrest and applies unimaginable special warfare methods to disperse the society.  It continues with similar attacks in Shengal and Maxmur.

Unfortunately, this Kurdish hostility of the Turkish state is not sufficiently comprehended by the Federal Regional Government of Southern Kurdistan. The Turkish state's occupation of Bashûr is not an ordinary temporary occupation. The ground beneath the regional administration has shifted, but the failure to realize this is a blunder, if it is not intentional. KDP officials who make statements with cheap political calculations by saying that the reason for the Turkish state's attacks on Southern Kurdistan is the 'PKK' should once again think about what their own fate will be in the future.  If only the KDP officials, who are dizzy with the current power opportunities in Bashûr, who reign in pleasure and enjoyment, could correctly read the political developments that concern them in recent times, they would be ashamed of the aggressive rhetoric they use against the PKK.

The Kurdish policy of the Turkish state is the product of a concept with international dimensions. Whatever the requirements of the Middle East project are, they will place the Kurds on the basis of the requirements of this project. As a matter of fact, the future of the KDP is only a part of the big picture.

In order to analyze the issue a little more, listing some topics may help us to read the sad end that awaits the KDP.

The decisions of the Iraqi federal court concerning Southern Kurdistan and especially the KDP are very important. It is not a spontaneous situation that the KDP's political powers, economic situation, electoral gains and even the federative status of the region are almost unrecognizable. 

It is not spontaneous for the court to make decisions that undermine the KDP’s political powers, its economic situation, electoral gains and even render the federative status of the region almost unrecognizable. 

It is also quite meaningful that the US court decision concerning the Barzani family coincided with the decision of the Iraqi Federal Court, while some news reports accusing Masrour Barzani were circulating. Even the fact that the fascist government of Erdoğan, in which the Barzanis put a lot of trust, creates a ground for attacks by labeling the PKK, cannot save the Barzanis from a sad end.

Even the Barzanis' assets in Turkey are under threat. They have made themselves so dependent on Turkey that they are forced to act as spies, they have become weak-willed. The KDP's relations with Turkey are also noted by Arab countries. We think that they cannot be so politically blind that they do not know that being in a close embrace with a dictatorship that speaks in every direction will have a cost. Let us just emphasize that some Arab countries, Iran, Israel and sometimes even the US, do not approve of the relations between Turkey and the KDP.

Even in history, some Kurds who betrayed their people to curry favor with the Turkish state on a collaborative basis could not escape punishment. Now it is the turn of the KDP. The fate of the treasonous Kurds who were punished with the idea that "He who betrays his own people will betray me one day" has always been similar.

No matter how close the Barzanis get to Turkey, no matter how much they establish brotherhood and friendship with Erdoğan, no matter how hostile they are to the PKK, they should know that they will have difficulty finding a place for themselves in the political conjuncture of the future. They have fed on the collaborationist line as much as they could, but they have brought themselves to the brink of extinction. They must realize that their current power will not last.

For the KDP to draw conclusions on Dictator Erdoğan's Kurdish policy, we suggest that they examine Turkey's relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood. Erdoğan hosted the Muslim Brotherhood leadership in Turkey. He allocated them an office in Ankara. Just as he supported Hamas against Israel, he allowed them to open offices and political representation in Ankara. Fascist Erdoğan was one of the most ardent supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood coming to power in Egypt. He uttered unspeakable words against Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who overthrew Morsi's government. He symbolized the Rabia sign and used it for his interests in domestic and foreign politics. A lot of water has flowed beneath the bridge. 'Murderer' Sisi became 'Brother' Sisi. Just as he expelled Hamas' representative Aruzi in exchange for improving relations with Israel, he first used and then discarded the Muslim Brotherhood in exchange for improving relations with Egypt. The reward for his visit to Egypt was the approval of the execution of 8 members of the Brotherhood. 

Fascist Erdoğan does not even tolerate the existence of the PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) today. They are making threats to subjugate Bafil Talabani. Erdoğan, the fascist dictator, took the Barzanis under his sway, turned the KDP like a spinning top and made it a servant for his political interests. As if this was not enough, he is now trying to turn the PUK into a satellite political organization. They have become reckless enough to threaten it openly. In order to make the Kurds serve their own political interests, they immorally threaten, attack and, when necessary, slaughter them.

If Ankara's pro-extermination and pro-occupation Kurdish policy does not change, all the Kurds' vested rights, including the autonomous administration in Southern Kurdistan, are in danger. The political statuses in Bashûr and Rojava are also in danger. This is the purpose of Erdoğan's latest threat. He wants to annex the 30-40 kilometer borderline to his territory and take it under his political control.  This includes Bashûr. Unfortunately, the KDP has become the biggest supporter of this danger.

With the idea that ‘it is never too late to mend’, we say that the collaborative line established and developed on the basis of PKK hostility will do them no good. History is full of examples of this.