Turkish army launches military operations in Hasankeyf and Ağrı

The Turkish army has launched a military operation in Hasankeyf and fighting has broken out. The village of Xirbêkûr has been sealed off militarily and a curfew has been imposed. Internet and telephone connections have been interrupted.

Fighting broke out last night in the district of Hasankeyf in Batman province during a military operation launched by the Turkish army. The village of Xirbêkûr (Palamut), which is located in the operation area, was cordoned off by the military and access is prohibited. Nobody is allowed to leave the village, the internet and telephone connections have been interrupted. The fighting continues, with helicopters circling over the area. According to the Batman Governorate, entering and leaving Xirbêkûr is prohibited until 3 July.      

On the other hand, the Turkish army started another operation in the region of Mount Ağrı. A large number of soldiers and police are taking part in the operation which is accompanied by intense aerial activity. According to reports from the ground, entrances to many plateaus in the region are banned.

Curfews are not uncommon in Kurdish villages in Turkey and place an immense burden on the local population. People are unable to feed their animals, and agriculture, their main source of income, comes to a standstill and children cannot go to school for weeks on end.