Unwavering willpower: Heftanin

From the eyes of the fighters in Heftanin speaks the great anger against the occupation and the forces that are clearing the way for the occupiers. With superhuman effort they try to stop the Turkish state.

The resistance in Heftanin has continued for over a week. Each of these past eight days was so intense that one could write novels, poems and songs about it. The intensity of the attacks is surpassed with each new day. Reconnaissance flights take place without interruption. Towards evening the fighter jets begin their mission and after a short interruption the helicopters arrive. After that, fighter jets fly again until the morning. Also during the day it does not remain calm, especially on the days when the guerrillas take action. There are actions on daily basis, clashes erupt between the colonialist forces and the guerilla every day. The fights take place in a small area and overlap each other. I don't count the impacts of howitzers and mortars because they have become routine. Even while I am writing these lines, a fierce attack is taking place, Cobra helicopters are carrying out continuous bombardment.

The eyes of the fighters are like flames, but they move calmly and professionally despite their young age. This gives them strength. They are not falling for the provocations and propaganda of the Turkish state. They are full of morale and radiate an energy that is difficult to describe because of their simultaneous calm. I meet a YJA Star fighter who expresses her feelings with a poem by Nazim Hikmet: "How can I not be angry when my country is being crushed under the feet of a handful of runaways..."

Unwavering willpower

The fact that the guerrillas are constantly fighting against such advanced weapon technology is an example of great heroism. There are many heroic epics in the history of Kurdistan. No doubt the resistance of Heftanin is one of them. Since I have been in Heftanin, I have seen that the attacks of the fascist Turkish state are not only aimed at the people of Kurdistan. It is about an unrestrained revenge, which is directed with a historical hatred against the mountains, the stones, the soil. Why else would a tiny area be bombed up to twenty times in a single night by fighter jets and then sifted by attack helicopters? One, two or three times is not enough to satisfy the hatred against Kurdistan and everything that goes with it. From a classical point of view, one could assume that this is a demonstration of power. But according to my observations and what is being discussed here, it is an expression of anger that the guerrilla resistance cannot be broken on a mountain peak despite superior weapons technology. It is anger that the Kurds have not been defeated despite years of cruelty. It is the disappointment that the extermination plan did not work out. Every resistance in Kurdistan is a lesson for the Turkish state. That the Turkish state is also being taught a lesson of historical proportions here can be judged above all by the fighters in Heftanin. The lesson of the past eight days is about unshakable willpower.

The struggle for dignity will make history

What drives the young and convinced fighters is their unshakable will. In their hearts they carry the great love for their country.

From the eyes of the fighters speaks the great anger against the occupation and the powers that are clearing the way for the occupiers. With superhuman effort they try to stop the Turkish state. It is a fight for life and death. The atmosphere here is deeply impressive. On the one hand the continuous attacks, on the other hand the furious and at the same time so calmly acting guerrilla fighters. In the future they will be spoken about with great pride, because they defend the dignity of the people and beautify life with their resistance.