‘What God used to represent is now represented by the nation state’

Lecwan Dogan is an internationalist and a member of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) in the mountains of Kurdistan. The guerrilla fighter spoke to ANF about war, liberalism and the nation state.

War is a strange thing. War is full of contradictions. For us in Europe, war is always something abstract, far away. At least for today's generation. Yet Europe is the centre of war. Instead of war being fought in the 20th century and the centuries before, it is now being fought in the Middle East and other regions of the world. I am talking about physical war. In terms of war against its own society, Europe is in the process of decimating itself. Nowhere have the social morals and values that surround and hold society together like a protective bond suffered so much.

Like a cancer

Liberalism is rolling over European society like a cancer, carrying out a cultural and moral genocide. We can consider liberalism as the ideology of capitalism. Its aim is to drive society apart to the last corner according to the motto "everyone is the architect of his own fortune". Society is dissolved in favour of egoism. All morality, all sanctity, all respect for life, man and nature are lost. Existence is downgraded to an animal existence. The human being makes reverse developments into an animal.

All the successes, all the progress that man has brought forth, from inventions to the value system, he has brought forth as a society. The uniqueness, the strength, the beauty of man lie in society. To dissolve this social bond, which protects and advances human beings, is to extinguish society. For what? Under capitalism, through the ideology of liberalism, through lies like the American dream, through an "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" philosophy, society is being driven apart down to the individual as never before in history. As widely divided as a society is, it is also easily controlled.

Tens of thousands of laws without morals

Nowhere in the world is the military-power complex as firmly saddled and internalised as in European society. The state penetrates to the deepest levels of society. There is almost nothing in which it does not have its fingers in the pie. Anyone who looks at a German law book knows what I am talking about. Where the state and its laws have a strong presence, society and its morals are weak, and vice versa. The fact that society accepts it at all when the state interferes everywhere is a sign that society is weak there.

An ethical society does not need a state and tens of thousands of laws to regulate its affairs. Nor does it accept such deep interference in life. In Europe, nationalism and racism, which have become the new religion, have made the nation state a sacred authority. What God used to represent is now represented by the nation state. Its word is law. It is above everything else. Nothing and no one may question its authority. Anyone who opposes him is a "godless" or "terrorist" and belongs locked up or exterminated. The "holy war" waged in the 20th century in the name of the new God, the nation state, surpasses the cruelties and crimes of all human history: God wills it! War today is more subtle and manifests itself in moral misery, the disappearance of people's culture. People are broken in a way that military, brute force on the scale of the past is not even necessary.