Ocalan: We gave Erdogan a last chance

Ocalan: We gave Erdogan a last chance

Kurdish leader says Kurds gave Erdogan a last chance by not voting against the constitutional referendum.

In an interview published in Aksam newspaper Ocalan said since he is taken to Imrali High Security Prison, different delegations held talks with him. He said the members of the delegations were military officials at the beginning but the latest delegations are made of civilians.

"The talks were all intelligence based. I always wanted to convert this talks to negotiations. The talks were not functional because their purpose was intelligence gathering" he said.

Ocalan also said the talks with the latest delegation is at dialogue level.


"If you want a democratic and just solution for the Kurdish Question, the representatives of Kurdish people must be recognized as intercolutors and the problem itself should be considered seriously. I never said Turkey must negotiate with me. The important thing is Turkey's positive steps in the right direction for this. It doesn't matter if the interlocutor is me, BDP or the PKK" Ocalan said.

Ocalan also talked about the ceasefire declared by the PKK. He said if Turkish state don't take some steps until 20 September then he won't take any responsibility to extend the ceasefire.

Kurdish leader also warned that if the talks continue then he can play a role but if not he can not do anything to stop the clashes.

He said if certain conditions are met he will do everything on his side to find a democratic solution to the Kurdish Question.


Ocalan said democratic autonomy demands rely on democracy not ethnicity. He said the demand is not only for Kurds, it is a demand for the change in Turkey's governance system.


He also made remarks about the constitutional referendum and warned Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to seize the chance that was given him by the Kurds.

"The BPD's boycott decision was to show the support for a new constitution" he said.

Ocalan said if Kurds said no, AKP would have lost the referendum. He labelled this decision as a last chance given to Erdogan.