Xerîb Hiso: Erdoğan has taken the decision to go to war

Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan threatened an attack against Northern Eastern Syria. "An attack maybe launched today, maybe tomorrow", he said while in parallel military shipments and concentration on the border line continue.

"It is certain that Erdoğan has made a war decision," co-chair of the Rojava Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), Xerib Hiso, told ANF.

The threat of invasion, said Hiso, is part of the "plan Turkey, Syria, Russia and Iran have" and the best answer to this, he added, is "for all people to be a single voice against this threat and in the resistance."

Xerîb Hiso said that according to international law, Erdoğan has committed a crime when he called for massacres. "Erdoğan, - said Hiso - is carrying with him this threat and occupation mentality from the Ottomans, and wants to put it in practice today."

'Erdoğan has taken the decision to carry on with massacre'

Hiso added: "Most unfortunately neither the international forces, nor the Syrian regime felt the need to remind the Turkish state of international laws. That is why it can go so far. Erdoğan has taken the decision to carry on with massacre of the Kurdish people."

Erdoğan, reminded Hiso, is dealing with many problems in his own country. "But the solution of Turkey's current crisis is in Turkey, not in Syria. - he added - It is certain that things went wrong for Erdoğan in Syria, where he has invested a lot of many in financing the mercenaries. The whole world has witnessed the plundering, the murders, the massacre, the violations, rapes, kidnapping carried out by these mercenaries. However, although everyone has seen the danger, nobody has stood up against it."

'We will defend ourselves'

Xerîb Hiso noted that the peoples of the region are standing against the occupation. "Our peoples - he said - are standing against the occupation. They are standing beside their practice, politics and they will defend them. But the international community is silent. Everyone should know that we will carry out our defense. We, the people of this region, are all on the same boat. We will defend our peoples."

'There is a common plan'

Xerîb Hiso stated that Erdoğan did not issued the occupation threats as a solo act, but indeed said that there is a joint plan with the Syrian regime. A plan enjoying the support of Russia and Iran. "Both Turkey and Syria - Hiso said - are trying to implement this plan together. Behind them are Iran and Russia. They are running this plan jointly."

Syrian State at a crossroad

Xerîb Hiso stated that the plan in question contains great dangers for the Syrian regime and added: "These forces may have entered into some calculations counting on our exclusion, but they will also conflict among themselves and the regime has actually shortened its life. Syria is at a crossroad. Because everyone knows that the Syrian regime is composed of a tripartite coalition including Shiite, Sunni and European-sided sectors. But if this regime sees its own interest in the extermination of the Kurdish people, the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria, then it will also take steps for its own extermination. That would be their suicide. Because this threat is not just aiming at us."

Call to the Kurdish people

TEV-DEM co-chair, who called on the Kurdish people and the peoples of the region, said: "We call on the whole Kurdish people to be sensitive to these threats. Erdoğan and his fascist alliance are saying that if they see a Kurd they will bury him. If we do not stand up as a single voice, the international community will remain silent. Our call to all Kurdish parties is that they should not remain silent and they should raise their voices."

'Time to stop fascism'

TEV-DEM co-chair Xerîb Hiso, finally reminded the international community that the region is facing the danger of real fascism. "The international community, the United Nations, the European Union, the Arab League, the Arab countries, should know that there is a great danger for everyone. This is the time to stop fascism."