YPJ Commander: We'll develop a new military women’s organization

YPJ Command General Member Axin Nucan said women will lead SDF’s reorganization and added: “We haven’t made concrete the form yet, but we will develop a new military women’s organization.”

Women’s Defense Units (YPJ), a fundamental constituent of the Syrian Democratic Forces, attended the SDF’s annual meeting and participated in making the general decisions, as well as preparing the restructuring of women’s organizations in their authenticity.

YPJ Command General member Axin Nucan spoke to the ANF about the meeting’s agenda, discussions and decisions.


Axin Nucan said the issues discussed in SDF’s annual meeting has been on their agenda for a long time and added how they handle the fight against ISIS:

“We succeeded in fighting ISIS, but we were aware that the fight wasn’t over. In this meeting we held stronger discussions and made decisions so we can achieve greater success in the fight against ISIS. Like we always say, this is a fundamental struggle for us. We drew attention to this matter once again in the meeting.

We as the SDF and the YPJ within it know that we face a historic duty and want to fulfill this duty better. To that end, we analyzed our weaknesses through our experience and saw our strengths. We looked for ways to get stronger.”


Nucan said the meeting pointed to the current process and dangers: “We don’t think the only threat is ISIS. The Turkish state is also threatening to invade our lands. We held discussions on what we can do against that, and how we can prepare ourselves. As SDF commanders and fighters, we discussed how we can develop our self-defense as a military force. We spoke about the dangers we face and how we can respond to them if the threats we face become more concrete.”


YPJ Commander said they always prefer to be at peace with the interlocutors on Syrian territory and neighboring forces:

“In our meeting, we also discussed how peace, stability and a solution can be developed in the region. We discussed what the path to peace is and how the atmosphere can be achieved.

We are looking for ways to achieve a lasting peace for our people. We believe in that, and we are ready for a solution with the Syrian regime. We are ready for a solution with the Syrian regime on the basis of the recognition of the rights for Kurds and all peoples of Syria and constitutional guarantees. We said this in the past, and today we say the same after our discussions.”


YPG, YPJ and SDF forces have had the chance to come together and discuss reorganization for the first time in the 8 years of war, said Nucan and continued:

“Today was a historic day and an opportunity for us, and we discussed reorganization in our meeting. As the SDF, we are focused on how we can reorganize better for the coming period. How we can make our assembly more active, how we can fight with greater consciousness, and how we can prepare for the tasks of the new period and the new fighting style, those are what we discussed.

It was a successful meeting. Military councils have been set up in every city, and the SDF will organize through assemblies in the future.”


Nucan said the following on discussions of border security and the developments:

“The safe zone is still being discussed. Details are not finalized yet. There are some points we don’t agree to as well as others that Turkey doesn’t.

There are some practical good-will steps. We are currently withdrawing YPG and YPJ forces from the 5 km area from the border. Regional military council fighters are settling where we withdraw. But discussions on border security haven’t been finalized yet. We are open to discuss any steps to be taken for the security and peace of our people, in fact that is what we have been calling for 7 years.”


YPJ Commander said the women’s forces are to be organized again:

“After long fights and battles with the beginning of the Rojava revolution, we as the YPJ have been discussing how we will take part in the new process and the reorganization. In our conference held 3 months ago, we had discussed how we would participate in the reorganization and what role we would take in assemblies but we hadn’t made anything concrete.

In the conference we discussed the need for us to take on a leading role in the reorganizing process, like we did in the wartime. Like we lead the decision making, war coordination, fighting and organizing in the past, we will lead in the reorganization. On this basis, we are discussing how to restructure women’s military organizations, although they haven’t been finalized yet. We are aware of the responsibility and duty that is on our shoulders for the coming period.”