Attempts against Kurdish televisions face international protests

Protests are increasing in Europe against the AKP and EutelSat that attempt to shut down the Kurdish television networks.

European media organs and think tanks are reacting harshly to Turkey’s intolerance against Kurdish televisions. Author Eugene Schoulgin, Vice President of PEN International spoke on the matter.

Schoulgin’s statements were covered widely in Klassekampen, one of the best selling newspapers in Norway. The paper stated that the France-based EutelSat decided to shut down Stêrk TV, licensed in Norway, and did it by the demand of the Turkish government and the RTÜK, Supreme Council of Radio and Television in Turkey.

Schoulgin said this decision is disheartening and unacceptable and added: “This shows that the Turkish government can influence journalism criteria outside of Turkey through oppression and threats.”

The newspaper also stated that RTÜK Chair İlhan Yerlikaya accused Kurdish television of “terrorist propaganda”, and Schoulgin answered the claims: “Turkey uses the concept of ‘terror’ as an excuse to arrest journalists and shut down opposition media. In any case, other countries are not bound by Turkey’s laws.”

Schoulgin had voiced the need to remove PKK From the “terror list” in the past as well.

Norwegian Journalists Union: “There is a lot of money involved!”

Eva Stabell spoke in the name of Norwegian Journalists Union Norsk Jounalistlag and said: “EutelSat has deep connections to the Turkish satellite system TurkSat.” Stabell stated that the two institutions signed a cooperation treaty in 2013 and that there is a lot of money involved.

Eva Stabell said they informed relevant international institutions on the matter and that the French Journalists Union had already protested EutelSat on this.