Iraqi Journalists Union ask Iraqi Kurdish authorities to say what happened to Rojnews Arabic editor

The Iraqi Journalists Union made a statement about Rojnews Arabic editor Süleyman Muhammed Ahmed, who was detained by KDP forces on 25 October.

The Iraqi Journalists Union condemned the detention of Rojnews Arabic editor Süleyman Muhammed Ahmed and stated that the KDP should immediately say where he is being held.

Muhammed Ahmet was detained by KDP forces at the Fêşxabûr (Sêmelka) Border Gate on 25 October while crossing into the Kurdistan Region. There has been no news from him since that day.

Dr Erade Ciburi, one of the executives of the Iraqi Journalists Union, spoke to Rojnews about the case and said; "We strongly condemn the kidnapping of Rojnews Arabic service editor Süleyman Muhammed Ahmet. We want the authorities to clarify his situation as soon as possible."

Pointing out that the abduction of journalists from Hewlêr and the border gate under the control of KDP has increased recently, Dr Erade Ciburi stated that this practice is systematic and illegal.