Military operations: Clash in Beytüşşebap and forest fires in Bitlis, Siirt

Forested areas are bombarded in Hizan district of Bitlis and Şirwan and Perwarî districts of Siirt, where a military operation is underway. On the other hand, reports are coming through of clashes in Beytüşşebap.

The military operation launched by the Turkish army on 22 June in a large territory extending from the Hizan district of Bitlis to the Şirvan and Perwarî districts of Siirt continues. According to reports, the operation covers the villages of Akûnis, Govan, Lanîlan, Xûlepûr, Kekulan, Sûreh, Pertawan, Hûzeran, Giran, Mezra Pisyan, Geliyê Nemiran, Desta Ovî, Deşta Kaviltîn and Hêstir Mountains.

In the operation launched with the participation of hundreds of soldiers and village guards, rural and forested areas in the vicinity of the villages are bombarded by helicopters.

Reports from the ground say that the villages of Giran and Hûzeran have been under blockade since yesterday, and the areas with forests and fruit trees were bombed.  It is also reported that residents are subjected to criminal record checks at the entrances and exits of the villages.

Access to the Mezra Pisyan, Geliyê Nemiran, Deşta Ovî and Deşta Kaviltîn highlands was also banned. Villagers, who cannot go to the highlands due to the intensive rural operation, said, "Since the operation started, our work in the village has been disrupted. We cannot milk our sheep or go to the highland. We are constantly exposed to gunshots and bomb sounds. This operation is carried out constantly every year."

On the other hand, the military operation launched on 21 June in the rural areas of Melesê, Çiyayê Bermal and Hemka villages in the Beytüşşebap district of Şırnak also continues. It is reported that clashes took place between guerrillas and soldiers, village guards after the launch of the operation.

 Entering and exiting the villages in the operation area was banned by the governorate for 7 days on 21 June.