Press freedom in Turkey: 30 journalists detained in August

30 journalists were detained and 14 of them are arrested and set to prison between 1-31 August in Turkey, Free Journalists’ Initiative (OGI) said in a report.

Free Journalists’ Initiative (OGI) released a report on press freedom and oppression against journalists in Turkey.

According to the report, 180 journalists are imprisoned in Turkey. In August 30 journalists were detained and 14 were arrested and sent to prison. Two journalists were released from prison in August.

Four news websites were banned by the Information and Communications Technology Authority 14 times. Ozgurlukcu Demokrasi 5, 5, Dihaber 3 and Rojeva Medya 1)

Three press organizations were shut down by Turkish authorities including the popular Kurdish news agency Dihaber.

In August Turkish authorities confiscated passport of a journalist and banned him from traveling abroad.

The report was presented to the public at a press conference in Human Rights Association’s office in Diyarbakir. Speaking at the event the Hakki Boltan, spokesperson for OGI, called international powers to put pressure on Turkish government about the detention of journalists.

Boltan criticized EU countries and said they are only interested in cases in which an EU citizen is detained.

“This is an unacceptable attitude. All international treaties that guarantee freedoms, apply the same for all the journalists. Therefore calls, diplomatic pressures should be used to ease the oppression against journalists in Turkey.