Six journalists taken into custody in Izmir

During the house raids carried out by the Turkish police in Izmir, 5 journalists working for Mezopotamya Agency, JinNews, Gazete Duvar, and DEM Party press staff were taken into custody.

Elections are approaching and, as it is sadly praxis before any elections, police are taking journalists into custody.

In Izmir, Turkish police targeted journalists on Tuesday morning. Mezopotamya Agency (MA) journalists Semra Turan, Delal Akyüz and Tolga Güney, JinNews journalist Melike Aydın and Gazete Duvar journalist Cihan Başakçıoğlu were taken into custody during home raids.

Fatma Funda Akbulut, press worker of the People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party), was also taken into custody in the same operation.

The reasons for the detention were not disclosed. Six journalists are being held at the TEM Branch in Çankaya, and a 24-hour lawyer restriction was imposed on the file.