140 political prisoners in Van High Security jail enter 3rd day of hunger strike

The hunger strike launched by 140 political prisoners in Van High Security Prison has entered its third day.

Prisoners in Van High Security Prison went on a 3-day hunger strike on 10 February demanding an investigation over the death of 70-year-old Ramazan Turan, who died in suspicious circumstances on 21 January.

140 prisoners went on hunger strike, which has entered its third day and is expected to end today. The other demands of the detainees are as follows:

“* Lift the isolation of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan,

* Release ill prisoners and respect their right to treatment,

* Prison administration's abandonment of its attitude towards detainees,

* End of the ward raids carried out for 3 days a week,

* Prison Administration and Observation Boards refrain from issuing arbitrary negative behavior reports,

* End the prevention of social activities that are not done under the pretext of the coronavirus pandemic."