33 saplings to remember the 33 martyrs of Suruç

Youth organizations planted 33 saplings on the campus of the Ortadoğu Teknik Üniversitesi (ODTÜ) in memory of the 33 people who lost their lives in the Suruç Massacre and called the place "Suruç Garden".

Ankara youth organizations planted 33 saplings in memory of the 33 people who lost their lives following an ISIS suicide bomb attack. ISIS attacked young people who were going to bring toys to the children of Kobanê.

The young people, who put photos of the victims of the massacre in front of each sapling they planted, named the area they created "Suruç Garden". After planting the saplings, the young people called for participation in the action they will organize in Ankara Güvenpark on 20 July, to mark the sixth anniversary of the massacre.

The young people said in a statement: “33 saplings live in the ODTÜ. We will be at Güvenpark on 20 July at 6.30 pm to make the dreams our friends live and to bring the killers to justice. Justice for Suruç is justice for all."