81-year-old Makbule Özer sent to prison again

Makbule Özer, an 81-year-old Kurd who suffers from numerous illnesses, was re-arrested following a medical report claiming she can remain in prison.

Makbule Özer, 81, was arrested on 9 May 2022 after the court sentenced her to 2 years and 1 month in Van/Edremit Prison for helping “a terrorist organization” and was released on 7 September 2022 after a one-year deferral of sentence.

The report sent by the Institute of Forensic Medicine (ATK) was examined by the 3rd Specialization Commission of the Ministry of Justice and the elderly woman was arrested by police once again on Monday morning following the Forensic Medicine Institute's ruling that she can remain in prison and taken to Van T-Type Prison.