Şenyaşar family demanding justice for 138 days

On the 138th day of their "vigil for justice", the Şenyaşar family said that the justice guardians will always exist to counter this order.

The "vigil for justice" was initiated by Emine Şenyaşar, who lost her husband and two sons as a result of the attack carried out by relatives and bodyguards of AKP Urfa MP Ibrahim Halil Yıldız, just before the elections of June 2018.

Her other son, Ferit Şenyaşar, survived the attack with injuries and joined his mother in the vigil which has now reached day 138. The family is justice and is now carrying out the vigil in the house in Suruç.

The family said on their Twitter account: "May the snake that has not touched me live for a thousand years. The selfish mentality will never understand those who only pursue rights. Justice guardians will always exist to counter this order. #SenyasarAilesiİcinJustice, Justice for all."