Şêx Eli: Turkish state has nothing to do with Islam

Shex Eli El-Hesen has condemned the destruction of martyrs' graves in Afrin by the Turkish state and its mercenaries emphasizing that the Turkish state has nothing to do with Islam.

The invading Turkish state's destruction of martyrs' graves in Afrin has sparked reactions. Speaking to ANHA, Şêx Eli El-Hesen, a member of the Islamic Congress and the Aleppo Religious Community, said that Turkish destruction of martyrs' graves is unacceptable.

“Every living thing is sacred in the presence of Allah. Both the dead and the living are sacred. The Turkish state has attacked the sacred. Turkey destroyed the graves of the people who were martyred while protecting the Kurdish people. Moreover, it disseminated false allegations of a ‘mass grave’.”


Şêx Eli noted that the Turkish state is hypocritical towards religion.

“Those who believe in the religion of Islam do not violate the sharia and the rules. However, the Turkish state attacked the graves that Islam considers sacred.”

Şêx Eli recalled that the invading Turkish state had desecrated the mortal remains of Martyr Barin Kobanê before and added, “The Turkish state harms the bodily integrity of the people who lost their lives. This is a crime according to Islam. Whoever does this has nothing to do with Islam. Attacking graves is a crime according to all faiths. Islam also forbids attacking the dead.”

“They walk away from Islam. Those who violate the Sharia rules cannot say that they are practicing Islam. This is a crime against humanity. They should be brought to account,” Şêx Eli added.