Demonstrations in Germany to mark 8th anniversary of Yazidi genocide

3 August marks the eighth anniversary of the beginning of the Islamic State genocide and femicide against the Yazidi population of Shengal. On this occasion, women's organizations are calling for actions in many European cities.

3 August marks the eighth anniversary of the start of the genocide by the Islamic State against the Yazidi population of Shengal. The attacks that began on that day in 2014 not only led to a humanitarian catastrophe, but also aimed to wipe out the Yazidi religious community through systematic massacre, rape, torture, expulsion, enslavement of girls and women and the forced recruitment of boys as child soldiers. The Yazidi community suffered the 74th genocide in their history, which they call Ferman. More than 10,000 people fell victim to ISIS crimes and more than 400,000 people were driven from their homes. At least 7,000 women and children were abducted. More than a third of them are still missing today. Therefore, this genocide in its form also represents a femicide.

The Yazidi women's umbrella organization (SMJÊ), the Europe-wide network of Kurdish women's movement (TJK-E) and other organizations from the Yazidi-Kurdish spectrum are calling for a nationwide commemoration on the occasion of the anniversary of this genocide and femicide. In a joint statement, they point out that Shengal is now free from ISIS terror. However, the struggle for self-determination and self-government of the Yazidi people is overshadowed by the interests of local and international powers. In addition, Shengal is repeatedly bombed by the Turkish air force and what remains of ISIS. "We demand peace in Shengal and a reappraisal of the genocide and femicide. On 3 August we want to share our sadness, anger and determination together.”

In many cities, demonstrations, rallies and different actions are planned for Wednesday, and a minute's silence is also being called for 11am.

A first list of actions in Germany is as follows:

Achim: Rally | Marketplace | 5pm

Berlin: Rally | Brandenburg Gate | 6pm (from 4pm. information stand)

Bielefeld: Demonstration | Central Station | 5pm

Bremen: Rally | Bremen citizenship | 4pm

Celle: information stand | Poststrasse/corner Stechbahn | 12pm to 4pm

Darmstadt: Rally | Luisenplatz | 6pm

Dortmund: Rally | Battle Street | 6.30pm

Essen: Commemoration | Old Synagogue | 7.30pm

Frankfurt: commemoration and rally | Ni Una Menos Square (Liebfrauenberg) | 6pm

Hamburg: Rally | Jungfernstieg, 4pm

Hamelin: Demonstration | Central Station | 2.30pm

Hanover: rally/demonstration | Central Station/Ernst-August-Platz | 5pm

Kiel: Rally | Europe Square | 3pm

Cologne: Commemoration | Domplatte | 10am to 12.30pm

Mannheim: Rally | parade ground | 6pm

Saarbrücken: Rally | Europe Gallery | 630pm

Stuttgart: Rally | Palace Square | 6pm

Wesel: Demonstration | At the Berlin Gate | 4pm