Amed Bar Association protests detention of 38 children during Newroz celebration

The Amed Bar Association protested the detention of 38 children during the Newroz celebration and stated that they were unlawful.


At least 126 people, including 38 children, were taken into custody during the historical Newroz celebration held in Amed on Thursday, 21 March.

The accusation for all is "making propaganda for an illegal organization".

Amed Bar Association Children's Rights Center said in a statement on its X (Twitter) account that "This year, as every year, children attended the Newroz celebrations wearing traditional clothes and were arbitrarily taken into custody by police who used these clothes and symbols as justification."

The statement continued: "38 of the children in the area were detained and taken to the Children's Branch Directorate with the instruction to initiate legal proceedings for the crime of 'propaganda for a terrorist organization'. We state that the detention and other procedures carried out against children due to their participation in Newroz celebrations are against the law, and we announce to the public that we will follow the legal process."