Amnesty: Turkey indiscriminately shelling civilians in Afrin

The Turkish army is shelling civilians indiscriminately in Afrin, Amnesty International said.

In a report on Turkish invasion attack on Afrin, Amnesty International said that scores of civilians were killed in result of Turkish shelling of the region.

Amnesty said on Wednesday that it had interviewed 15 people living in, or recently displaced from, towns and villages in Afrin and Azaz.

According to Amnesty video analysis had corroborated their accounts of coming under indiscriminate shellfire.

Sido, a resident of the village of Maabatli, described how a shell hit his neighbor's house on 25 January, killing five of the six people inside.

"The attack destroyed the house completely, killing the father, mother and three children younger than 15. A fourth child... survived but is in critical condition," he was quoted as saying. "There are no military headquarters next to the house… The closest frontline is 41km away at the border."

In addition, a number of missiles and mortar rounds have fallen in residential areas within Turkey, killing at least seven civilians.