At least 208 attacks against Kurds, Alevis and refugees recorded in Turkey in 2023

According to the Socio-Political Field Research Centre, at least 208 attacks were carried out against Kurds, Alevis and refugees in 2023.

The Socio-Political Field Research Centre announced the report it prepared based on the press survey on "racist attacks against Kurds, Alevis and refugees" in 2023. In the report, it was stated that at least 208 racist/marginalising/ignoring news items appeared in the press during the year.

The report pointed out that there were many attacks based on the discourses of the government and the opposition, and there were racist acts against immigrants after the Maraş-centred earthquakes and discriminatory approaches against Alevi villages in the earthquake zone.

The report stated that many racist/marginalising/disregarding news about Kurds have been reflected in the press, from sports fields to prisons, from discriminatory statements against their mother tongue to acts of violence they are subjected to in metropolises with racist motives.

"Just like the families who had to hide their Alevi or Kurdish identity for many years, immigrant families today warn their children in this way and warn them not to speak their own language in public spaces. Amedspor in particular and many other regional teams are subjected to racist discourse and even violence on and off the field in many away matches. In addition, Kurdish is still defined as 'Unknown-X language' in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, and racist attacks on bus companies belonging to the cities of the (Kurdish) region and political party buildings have become a routine of daily life."

In the report, it is stated that news items on at least 145 attacks/ignorance against Kurdish identity and language were detected, "It was observed that racist/marginalising/ignoring acts against Kurdish identity were mostly based on Kurdish language, regional football teams and political preferences. Furthermore, in the same period, news on at least 50 attacks against refugees with the aforementioned motives were covered in the press. Again, in the same period, news of at least 13 attacks were covered in the press with the mentioned motives against Alevis."