Buldan: The ECHR verdict shows Europe’s approach towards Kurds

HDP Co-chair Pervin Buldan protested the ECHR rejecting Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s appeal and said the verdict shows how European countries approach the Kurds.

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Co-chair and Imrali Delegation Member Pervin Buldan protested the ECHR rejecting the appeal regarding torture and mistreatment during a search in Öcalan’s cell in 2008 in the Imrali Prison.

Buldan said, “This approach should be understood as something against the whole of the Kurdish people, not just against Mr. Öcalan. Mr. Öcalan isn’t just a man who has been subjected to absolute isolation since 2015. Mr. Öcalan has been subjected to intense isolation for 20 years.”

Buldan added: “Turkey, European countries and the ECHR have taken on an attitude of displaying negative approaches and making negative decisions on this matter. We say that Mr. Öcalan has a political and humanitarian fundamental, natural right to meet with his lawyers, family and independent delegations. We do not think the ECHR’s verdict to reject the appeal is rightful.”

“Öcalan is not an ordinary man or an ordinary arrestee. The Imrali Prison is not an ordinary prison,” said Buldan and continued: “The isolation implemented in this prison for years is not acceptable. The ECHR’s verdict today is in line with the isolation. ECHR’s decision should be seen as the approach European countries have towards the Kurdish people. I would like to stress that this decision is not right, and the verdict should be changed as soon as possible.”