Canpolat calls for massive action in front of prisons on 21 June

TUHAD-FED co-chair Kerem Canpolat called for massive action in front of the prisons on 21 June.

The actions of political prisoners, which started with a rotating hunger strike on 27 November 2023 with the motto "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, political solution to the Kurdish question" and continued on 4 April, boycotting phone calls, visits and hearings. The 'Voice for Freedom' protest, initiated by prisoners' families in front of prisons and carried out every Monday, also continues.

TUHAD-FED co-chair Kerem Canpolat spoke about the action of the prisoners and the postponement of the release of those prisoners whose "sentence" was completed. Canpolat said: "The isolation conditions are not acceptable. The biggest obstacle to the solution to the Kurdish question is isolation. Banning everything Kurdish is linked to isolation. There is an economic, moral and political crisis brought about by the lack of a solution. The main reason for this is the failure to solve the Kurdish question and the continuation of isolation. The door to a solution to this question must be opened as soon as possible. We would like to point out that the government must fulfill its responsibility in this regard. We think that a second solution process will have a positive impact on all segments of society living in Turkey."

'The only way out of the political crisis is Imrali'

Stating that the ideas of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan will have a significant impact on society, Canpolat said: "This is the main reason why visits to him are prevented. They do not want his ideas and perspectives to be reflected outside, and they do not want society to be influenced by these ideas. Maintaining isolation is a political decision. There is no legal explanation. The state is violating its own constitution. We believe that all political parties in Turkey should meet with Mr. Öcalan and get ideas for solving the political crisis in the country. However, unfortunately, on the contrary, all applications by lawyers and family are persistently rejected. The government knows very well that this will not bring a solution. The only way out of this political crisis is Imrali. The gates of Imrali must be opened for the freedom of the people. With the isolation system, not only the Kurdish people but everyone is isolated."

'We should protect the action carried out by prisoners'

Referring to the protest carried out by the prisoners, Canpolat said: "This action is actually an open criticism of us, that is, to those outside. Our silence is being criticized. Society should support these actions so that the prisoners are not protesting in vain. This is our call: Come, let's get society out of chaos together. On the other hand, the release of prisoners who have completed their sentences is currently being prevented. The same problems are experienced in many prisons. Even though our friends have served more than their sentences, they are not released because they do not accept the imposition of remorse by the prison boards. We see how the law is trampled on in Turkey by these practices. We continue our work on this issue. In addition to bringing the issue to the Parliament, we are also trying to put it on the world agenda. Even though we have not received any response so far, we will continue our work. This is actually a second system of punishment for prisoners. We will do our best against this mentality."

'We should enlarge and spread the actions'

Canpolat said: "The actions and activities we actually carry out should be spread more and generate wider reactions. A serious work should be carried out. Actions and efforts need to become massive. It is not possible for us to succeed unless a massive response is given. Tomorrow is the Feast of Sacrifice, and mothers won’t be able to see their sons and daughters. It is the right of every mother, father and child to hear the voices of their relatives and see their faces. But unfortunately, the system in Turkey does not allow this. Trampling on the law prevents this. This is not a humane situation. One would hope that tomorrow all the families could meet their prisoners, hear their voices.

We have a call as institutions and families. On Friday, 21 June, everyone should go to the prisons and support the families' protest. We call out to all our institutions and the sensitive public to participate in these actions. Let's all be in front of the prisons on Friday as if we were going on a visit.

We need to increase these actions. Everyone needs to participate in these actions. All political parties and institutions must stand against isolation and support the protests by the prisoners. Families should not be left alone. All prisoners' families must see the responsibility of participating in the protests. Let's all take responsibility and strengthen our actions."