Jailed co-mayors of the HDP held in isolation

Hakkari Municipality co-mayor Cihan Karaman and Gever co-mayor Irfan Sarı, who were referred to Elazığ High Security Prison No. 2 on 5 November, have been kept in solitary cells since then.

Hakkari Municipality co-mayor Cihan Karaman and Gever co-mayors Remziye Yaşar and Irfan Sarı were taken into custody on 15 October in Hakkari city center and Gever district on charges of being "members of an illegal organization" and "making propaganda for an illegal organization" and remanded in custody on 17 October. On 5 November they were sent to Elazığ No. 2 High Security Prison. Families and lawyers who met with co-mayors Karaman and Sarı said that since the day they were transferred to Elazığ they have been kept in an isolation cell.

Co-mayor Sarın's lawyers said that they had taken the necessary steps to change the current situation and that Karaman and Sarı have applied to the authorities demanding to be taken off isolation cells.