Eyewitness says villagers forced into helicopter were healthy

Eyewitness Cengiz Şiban said that Osman Şiban and Servet Turgut were healthy when they were put on the helicopter.

Servet Turgut (55), father of 7, is still in a life threatening condition while Osman Şiban (50), father of 8, has been forcibly taken to Mersin military hospital on Tuesday.

Turgut was disappeared for two days before his family found out that he had been taken in intensive care in Van Regional Training and Research Hospital after being detained, together with Osman Şiban, by Turkish soldiers in Çatak (Van).

Evidences that the two villagers have been thrown from a helicopter continue to emerge.

According to Mesopotamia Agency, Osman Şiban's brother Cengiz Şiban, who witnessed the incident, said that Servet Turgut was detained by the soldiers while he was collecting hay in his field, and his brother Osman Şiban was detained while they were drinking tea together.

Cengiz Şiban refuted the governor's statement and said that the two villagers who were thrown from the helicopter were in good health when they were detained and that they were put on that helicopter.

Emphasizing that Servet Turgut had no injuries on his body when he was taken into custody and brought to the village, Şiban said: "They held the gun on Servet's back. When the soldiers brought Servet, there was no wound on his body. They took Osman and put him in the helicopter. These is what I saw. Three days later, when we were finally able to reach our relatives, we learned that they were in intensive care."