Families’ ‘Vigil for Justice’ on 52nd day

The Justice vigil launched by families of prisoners in Amed (Diyarbakır) continues on its 52nd day. Families called for solidarity and said, “We will never leave our children alone.”

The Justice Vigil launched by families of prisoners in the premises of Amed Bar Association continues on its 52nd day. While some of the families joining the vigil have been holding a series of talks in Ankara to express their demands, families in Amed continue the protest.

Fevziye Kolakan, one of the relatives of prisoners, said, “We have been holding a vigil for 52 days. Our children did not commit a crime. They are in prison just because they want to speak their mother language. We demand our children’s access to medical treatment. We do not want any coffin to come out of prisons. All ill prisoners should be released.”

Kolakan urged all families of prisoners to support their vigil, saying, “Let’s raise our voice together. As mothers, we will resist and reject this persecution till the end.”

Emine Al, mother of Gülistan Al held in Kayseri Women’s Closed Prison, recorded that she came to support the vigil and added, “Recently, I had a phone call with my daughter. She said that the prison is cold and they are denied access to food. Our children cannot sleep due to the cold. This is completely unacceptable.”

Calling for enhanced solidarity, the mother said, “No matter what they do, we stand with our children and will never leave them alone. We demand that our children be released. All mothers should support the vigil. Let us achieve peace all together.”