Force-feeding hunger strikers is murder!

At a press conference in front of Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital, activists said: "The way to ensure Group Yorum members' health is not forced intervention, but to accept their demands".

An action was organised in front of Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital, where members of Grup Yorum, Ibrahim Gökçek and Helin Bölek, who are on death fast were forcibly brought by police.

Activists, who were alert ove a possible forced-feed intervention, organised a press conference in front of the hospital under heavy police presence. The action was attended by artist Pınar Aydınlar and many representatives of democratic mass organizations. "Forced intervention - said activists - is murder, we will not allow it. The demands of Group Yorum should be accepted."

Dilan Ekin, a member of Grup Yorum, read the statement on behalf of the historic band and the association of solidarity with prisoners.

Ekin underlined that Gökçek and Bölek's families were prevented from accompanying the two artists.
Emphasizing that the AKP committed a crime with the imposition of forced intervention, Ekin reminded that many people lost their lives, were disabled and had permanent damages as a result of forced-feeding.

Speaking after the statement, Helin Bölek's mother Aygül Bilgi pointed out that her daughter was held in isolation. Anne Bilgi said: "Helin and Ibrahim send greetings to all of you and wait for your support. They trust their people."