Guards force prisoners to commit suicide in Silivri

It is reported that guards in Silivri prison left ropes and razors in cells to force prisoners to commit suicide.

Prisoner Ferhan Yılmaz and another prisoner whose name could not be identified, who were among the six prisoners that attempted to end their lives after being subjected to pressure and torture by 60 guards in Silivri L Type Closed Prison No. 5, lost their lives. No information has been received about the prisoners Çoşkun Ağca, Tolga Okçu, Abdulmenav Çetin, H. Masal and Ali, who were forced to commit suicide after being subjected to torture. A prisoner named Halil Kasal still remains in intensive care.

After being informed that their son had been forced to commit suicide, Ağca's family sent a lawyer to Silivri Prison. The family lawyer was informed by the prison administration that Ağca was forcibly transferred by ambulance to İzmir No. 2 F Type Closed Prison. Ağca's mother, Fatma Ağca, revealed that a guard from İzmir Prison called her daughter and gave the same information. Halil Kasal's mother, Beyaz Kasal, also said that her son had been transferred to Izmir and was currently in a hospital. Kasal noted that she could not reach any information about which hospital her son was transferred. She added that she could not go to visit her son because she did not have enough money to travel.


It is further reported that another prisoner, Ercan Morkoç, who was in the same prison, was forced to commit suicide. In a phone call with his family today, Ercan Morkoç said that Orhan Hacıoğlu, Abdulmenav Çetin, H. Masal, Tolga Okçu were taken to a hospital and later put into quarantine wards. Morkoç reported that prison guards left ropes and razor blades in the ward where prisoners Hacıoğlu, Çetin, Masal, Okçu and Ali were staying. The guards told them that “you are not dead, cut yourself again now.”

Morkoç also said that the prisoners in question have been on a hunger strike.