Guards torture prisoner with epilepsy in Elazig No. 2 High Security Closed Prison

Fevzi Fidan, who was kept in a single cell in Elazig No. 2 High Security Closed Prison, despite suffering from epilepsy, was tortured by the guards.

Prisoner Fevzi Fidan, who has a cyst on his back and has vision problems as well as epilepsy, talked about the violence he was subjected to in a weekly phone call with his grandmother Rahime Fidan.

Grandmother Fidan said that the guards inflicted violence on her imprisoned grandson and added: "My grandson told me that they were beaten by the guards raiding their cells. My grandson received a life sentence and is currently being held in a solitary cell. They are in a very difficult situation and he said, 'Make this known to the public'. My grandson is ill, yet they beat him and his friends.”

Fidan continued: “My grandson suffers from epilepsy and has a herniated disc. He is in a very bad condition. The demand is for the public to hear their voices. I can't go to see my grandson because I'm sick. This makes me feel so sad. Our only demand is for these practices in prisons to end as soon as possible and for ill prisoners to be treated.”