HDP MP Güzel: Consciousness and ideology isolated

Commenting on the isolation of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, HDP deputy Semra Güzel says: "It is not just one person who is isolated, it is a question of consciousness, ideas and ideology.

HDP MP for Amed, Semra Güzel spoke to ANF about the isolation of the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan since 2011: "Isolation means that someone is cut off from everything, from life and from society. Isolation is actually a method of torture. There are different kinds of torture, physical and psychological. Isolation is a long-term form of torture. It has no legal basis. It is a practice that is contrary to human rights and universal law. We do not regard this isolation as a physical measure alone. It is not just a body that is isolated, it is a consciousness, ideas and ideology," said Güzel.

Commenting on the hunger strike led by HDP MP Leyla Güven, which she began on 7 November 2018 against the isolation of Öcalan and which was later joined by thousands of people inside and outside the prisons, Güzel said: "This resistance spread to all prisons, to Strasbourg, Wales, Hewler, Maxmur and Amed. Outside, the mothers were also active. The isolation was broken through and peace messages came again from Imrali - messages for a solution. These were not only declarations concerning Turkey, but the whole Middle East."

Güzel also linked Öcalan's renewed isolation to the attacks on Rojava and continued: "Was the invasion successful? No. We can say that Turkey is the only loser in the invasion. Russia's aim was to weaken the Kurdish forces there and at least to diminish their achievements. It was also to further disrupt the relations between the U.S. and Turkey. Russia may have achieved some of its goals, but Turkey could gain nothing and wanted to get a piece of the cake. It was a matter of covering up the economic crisis on the one hand and making profits on the other. That was said quite openly. It was intended to help TOKI (Turkey’s Housing Development Administration) and the construction sector benefit from the development of infrastructure in the settlement of refugees. There was a lot of money involved. The oil wells were also supposed to make a profit."

HDP deputy also pointed out another goal of the Turkish state: "One of the most important goals was to prevent the project of the Democratic Nation of Abdullah Öcalan, which was launched in Rojava, from being realized, to eradicate these ideas and to end the peaceful coexistence of the peoples there. Because this project is the concept for solving the crisis of the nation state. If there were no isolation on Imrali, the idea would have spread much further. This would mean that the crisis brought about by the nation states would end. But that's not what the nation states want."