Human Rights Association condemns racist attacks targeting Kurds

The Human Rights Association (IHD) said in a statement about the racist attacks against Kurds in Konya, Adıyaman and Ankara that "these attacks are hate crimes targeting Kurdish identity."

In its statement regarding the increasing racist attacks targeting Kurds, the IHD Amed Branch drew attention to the attacks in Konya, Adıyaman and Ankara.

The statement said: "These attacks are hate crimes endangering the lives of Kurdish citizens and targeting Kurdish identity."

The statement also remembered Kadir Sakçı, who died as a result of a racist attack on 16 December 2018 in Sakarya for speaking Kurdish, and his son Burhan Sakçı, who was seriously injured in the same attack.

Stating that Şirin Tosun lost her life as a result of another racist attack in Sakarya, the IHD Amed Branch condemned the policy of impunity.

Reminding that a decision of non-prosecution was given against those responsible of attacking a Kurdish family from Mardin working as agricultural workers, the IHD said: "Last month we witnessed the murder of Deniz Poyraz in the Izmir HDP Provincial Organization. We see that the attacks continue and are the product of the spread of a discriminatory and marginalizing discourse as well as of the environment of impunity."

According to the statement, 7 people, including 3 Syrian children, were killed in 14 racist attacks recorded by the IHD in 2020.

The statement added: “At least 32 people were injured. We have recorded 15 people killed and 1097 injured in 280 racist attacks since 2010. The data on hate crimes are clearly higher than those available to the IHD. Officials and politicians at all levels must stop using hate speech. We believe that hate crimes will not end in Turkey if this discriminatory, marginalizing and polarizing language continues.”