Hunger strike against rights violations in Şakran Women's Prison continues on its 14th day

The hunger strike against rights violations in Şakran Women's Prison continues on its 14th day.

Two prisoners in Şakran Women's Closed Prison went on a 10-day alternating hunger strike on 2 January. The hunger strike was launched to protest the imposition of a standing counting, the deepening of the isolation conditions, book restrictions and the denial of joint airing. The imprisoned writer Leyla Saraç initiated the action, which was carried out as a warning. After Saraç, Hediye Öztürk took over the fast on 12 January.

Lawyer Serhat Arlı, a member of the Izmir Branch of the Association of Lawyers for Freedom (ÖHD), who visited the jail on 13 January and met with the prisoners, said that an intense isolation policy is implemented and emphasized that even the most basic rights of the prisoners are being hindered. Arlı said: “The prison administration and judicial authorities are deaf to the demands of the detainees. All kinds of legal and administrative remedies that prisoners may resort to against violations of rights and pressures have been used and went unanswered. At the end of this whole process, the prisoners we spoke to told us that they had gone on hunger strike as the last resort. The hunger strike in Şakran Women's Closed Prison was launched on 2 January  and is still ongoing. The detainees are on hunger strike just to have access to their basic rights and to end the unlawfulness.”

Referring to the violation of rights in the prison, Arlı said: “These unlawful practices must end. The democratic people and human rights defenders need to oppose what is happening. The detainees are forced to go on hunger strike. The already harsh prison conditions are getting worse.”