IHD says the government is responsible for death of Kaya

The Human Rights Association (IHD) Central Prisons Commission issued a written statement about ill prisoner Sabri Kaya who died on the day of his release.

In the statement the IHD said: "It was claimed that a medicine of vital importance for Sabri Kaya, called Coumadin was not given to him for over a month contributing to the worsening of his condition. In the last two months, Kaya's health issues had spread to all other organs of the body. He was taken to the emergency of Osmaniye State Hospital 20 times in April alone. In fact, a times, he was taken to the hospital emergency twice in the same day."

The IHD statement also reminded that together with Kaya's family and lawyers they applied with the "emergency code" to the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Justice, the Prison General Directorate, Osmaniye Prison Prosecutor's Office, Prison Administration, Ombudsman and the Constitutional Court demanding for Kaya to be treated in a fully equipped hospital. They asked that Kaya be transferred to hospital and be treated while asking for his sentence to be suspended.

All applications, calls and appeals were in vain. The IHD extended "condolences to the family and friends of Sabri Kaya. We demand the Ministry of Justice to open an investigation into the behaviour and choices which led to the death of Kaya. We will pursue any legal arena to expose the responsibilities of the institutions and authorities on the death of Sabri Kaya."