Ill prisoner in Kırşehir S Type jail not taken to hospital

Şervan Sertkaya, an ill prisoner held in Kırşehir S Type Closed Prison, said that despite vomiting blood, he was not transferred to the hospital.

Ill prisoner Şervan Serkaya, who was deported from Maraş Türkoğlu L-Type Prison to Kırşehir S-Type Closed Prison after the earthquake last February, said in a phone call with his family that he vomited blood and although he reported this to the prison administration officials, he was not transferred to the hospital.

Sertkaya's father, Bahattin Sertkaya, said that his son had undergone surgery for appendicitis a few months before the earthquake and therefore had health problems for a while.

Sertkaya said: "My son called his mother yesterday and told her he had been vomiting blood for a few days, but the prison administration did not take him to the hospital. We want our son to be given treatment."