Ill prisoner not treated in Ankara hospitals

Ill prisoner Gürbüz Topçu was brought from Bodrum prison to Ankara for an eye prosthesis, but was not treated in three different hospitals that said that "his condition is not suitable for a prosthesis."

Ill prisoner Gürbüz Topçu was transferred from Bodrum S Type Prison to Sincan No. 2 F Type High Security Closed Prison Execution Institution to receive an eye prosthesis.

The ill prisoner, however, was sent back to prison without treatment after visiting three different hospitals.

The prisoner was first transferred to the Eye Polyclinic department of Ankara Etlik City Hospital. There, however, he was turned down, after being told that "his condition is not suitable for a prosthesis".

The prisoner was later transferred to Ankara Bilkent City Hospital, but was not treated for the same reason and was then transferred to Ankara University Faculty of Medicine. The result did not change. The prisoner was taken back to Sincan Prison without treatment.

According to the lawyers, Topçu was put in a single cell in Sincan F Type Prison on the grounds that he did not accept the standing count.

Lawyers said that Topçu's request to be sent back to Bodrum S Type Prison was not accepted.

Ill prisoner Topçu hasn’t seen anyone since 3 August and has not been given a single book in prison.