Ill prisoner on Human Rights Association's list released after 30 years

Mutlak Tozun, who was held in Manisa Akhisar T Type Closed Prison and diagnosed with cancer, was released after the application made by his lawyers. He spent 30 years in prison.

The application made by the lawyers of Mutlak Tozun, a seriously ill prisoner who stayed in jail for 30 years, was accepted. The Akhisar Criminal Execution Judgeship accepted the application filed because of the health problems experienced by Tozun and ordered his release.

Mutlak Tozun is on the list of ill prisoners compiled by the Human Rights Association (IHD).

On the morning of 18 December, Tozun was taken to Akhisar State Hospital after fainting in the ward. Tozun was treated at the hospital for three days, and as a result of the examinations, a mass was detected in his body.

Tozun was transferred to Izmir Training and Research Hospital, better equipped to treat him. However, he was taken back to prison on the grounds that the transfer date was changed to 18 January.

Advanced stomach cancer was detected in the examinations performed on Tozun at Izmir Ataturk Training and Research Hospital.

While Tozun's treatment in the hospital was continuing, his lawyers Nehir Bilece, Eylem Zengin and Ali Ihsan Güven applied to the Akhisar Chief Public Prosecutor's Office on 24 January.

Akhisar Criminal Execution Judgeship, which evaluated the application for "suspension of the sentence" or "postponement", released Tozun under judicial control.

Tozun's treatment continues in the Gastroenterology department of Izmir Ataturk Training and Research Hospital.