Istanbul police attack demo for prisoner on death fast

Koçak has been on indefinite fast for 171 days demanding fair trial.

27-year-old prisoner Mustafa Koçak was sentenced to aggravated life sentence over contradictory statements of a confessor. Demanding a fair trial, Koçak went on a hunger strike which he turned into death fast on the 90th day. He is now on the 81st day of his death fast and experiences rapidly deteriorating health condition.

The family and friends of Koçak gathered in Istanbul’s Kadıköy district on Friday to highlight his critical situation and the injustice he has been subject to.

Laying a siege in the area, the police obstructed the demonstration citing the Kadıköy District Governor’s ban on actions.

Police units battered and detained the prisoner’s mother Zeynep Koçak and father Hasan Koçak, as well as their supporters Cemile Temizkalp, Cansu Kalemder and Taylan Gültekin as they chanted “Mustafa Koçak is our honor” in protest at the arbitrary obstruction.