KCDK-E calls on people to protest killing of Kurdish family in Konya

KCDK-E said that the killing of 7 people, including 3 women, in Konya, was carried out under the control of the state, and called on people “to react by taking to the streets everywhere."

The KCDK-E co-presidency Council issued a written statement regarding the Kurdish family murdered in Konya. The statement called on all Kurds living in Europe to protest the Turkish state and the latest massacre. "The Turkish state, which suffered defeat after defeat in South Kurdistan, killed and spread racist attacks to almost all of Turkey, using forest fires as an excuse."

The genocidal Turkish state carried out the massacre of Kurds in the presence of state law enforcement officers, regardless of children, youth, women or the elderly. Four of the 7 people who lost their lives in the massacre in Konya this evening were women. The fascist killers, who chanted racist slogans and said, ‘We will massacre all Kurds,’ carried out a massacre accompanied by the state's law enforcement officers."

The KCDK-E condemned “the genocidal Turkish state and the ISIS-minded barbarians who carried out this massacre. We call on these barbarians and the racist Turkish state, who brutally burned the family of 7, to stand up all over Europe and react with strong protests. We call on all peoples, revolutionaries, democrats, intellectuals, Alevis, Muslims, Armenians, all those who oppose the barbarian massacres, the attacks of the dictator Erdoğan, to join forces and to take to the streets. Our people, everywhere, should take to the streets and react against these systematic attacks and policies of destruction, and they should protest and expose the racist and genocidal Turkish state."