KDP makes further preparations

South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP is making further preparations for active participation in the Turkish invasion. Only public pressure can prevent the KDP from triggering a Kurdish civil war.

The KDP supports the Turkish invasion of southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) launched on April 23 and is making new preparations for it. While KDP politicians attempt to legitimize the operation, which violates international law, armed units, including Iraqi border guards, were deployed at various points in Metîna on May 4. On June 5, KDP troops attacked the gorge between the strategically important hills of Çarçel and Hakkari from two sides. They attempted to enter the area with fifty vehicles each. This attempt continued on June 6. The presence in the guerrilla area was expanded with further troop deployments and the construction of military roads and positions.

There was widespread protest against this action by the KDP from parties, organizations and well-known personalities in South Kurdistan. There were also protests in other parts of the country and abroad against the attempt to trigger an intra-Kurdish war. The KDP continued its actions and prepared further troop deployments to the Rençber Axa area. This was stopped by protests among the Kurdish public.

Meanwhile, the Turkish state cleared forest areas in Metîna and continued road construction. The KDP behaved more quietly and proceeded more secretly. However, since the public protests have subsided, it is apparently making new preparations to invade more areas. This could be observed in Metîna in recent days. These observations coincide with information from the region.

At the moment, it looks as if the KDP's cooperation with the Turkish state is taking on an even more dangerous dimension. If it continues, an intra-Kurdish war seems inevitable. There is a general belief that only constant public pressure can stop the KDP.