Kobanê lawyers condemn the isolation imposed on Öcalan

The lawyers called on the international community and institutions to speak out against the isolation regime of the Turkish state.

Members of the Kobanê Canton Lawyers Union have condemned the heavy isolation regime imposed on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The lawyers held a press conference on Thursday to underline the heavy isolation regime imposed by Turkey on Imralı high security prison.

The press conference was attended by many lawyers from Kobanê Canton and was held in front of the trade union building.

Miemed Eti, co-chair of the Lawyers Union, read the statement on behalf of the colleagues.

"We strongly condemn the immoral interventions of the Turkish state against the Kurdish People's leader Abdullah Öcalan. It is contrary to all laws and rules that the Turkish state does not allow lawyers to meet with their client".

The statement continued: "This isolation regime imposed on the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan is aimed at destroying the peace proposals made by the leader".

The lawyers asked the international community and institutions to assume their responsibility and speak out against this practice which contravenes any international law and convention.

"The AKP government - ended the statement - is further increasing the isolation and repression on Leader Öcalan and is depriving him of his most legitimate rights".