Law organisations protest against Iran's crackdown on their colleagues

Law organisations made a statement on the Day of the Endangered Lawyer and condemned Iran's crackdown on their colleagues.

Law and human rights organisations made a statement on January 24, the Day of the Endangered Lawyer.

The Izmir branches of the Association of Lawyers for Freedom (ÖHD), Association of Contemporary Lawyers (ÇHD), Lawyers for Justice and Human Rights Association (İHD) made a statement in front of the courthouse. In the statement made in reference to the Iranian lawyers, the banner "Keep your hands off the lawyers" was unfurled. Displaying the photographs of the murdered lawyers, the slogan "Defence did not keep quiet and will not keep quiet” was frequently chanted.

ÇHD lawyer Aytekin Aktaş talked about the difficulties faced by lawyers in Iran. Aktaş pointed out that the pressure on lawyers in Iran intensified after the murder of Jîna Mahsa Amini, saying, "At least 66 lawyers have been arrested and detained since September 2022. Of these lawyers, 11 were convicted and 47 were released on exorbitant bail." 

ÇHD, İHD and Adana Bar Association also made a statement in the lawyers' hall of the courthouse.

ÇHD Branch President Baran Taygun Metin talked about the problems and pressures faced by lawyers in Iran and demanded the release of imprisoned lawyers.