Lawyers carry out investigation on 18 mass graves in Kilyos

Lawyers members of the Lawyers for Freedom Association (ÖHD) carried out an investigation on 18 mass graves that the Turkish state created by digging the pavement in Kilyos graveyard.

The Turkish state destroyed the Garzan Cemetery in Yukolek (Oleka Jor), province of Bitlis in 2017 and took the guerrilla bodies to Istanbul.

DNA tests were carried out on the 282 bodies carried to the Forensic Medicine Institute. It was revealed that the bones belonging to 261 were buried in 18 mass graves that were excavated in the nameless area of the graveyard of Kilyos.

Thereupon, a group of lawyers from ÖHD went to the cemetery and carried out investigations.

Making a brief statement in the cemetery after the investigation, ÖHD executive Bülent Aşa noted that "the application was neither legal nor moral."

Stating that they will prepare a report and share it with the public in the future, Aşa emphasized that they will carry the matter to both national and international jurisdictions.